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  • G461 Wave Sand granite

    G461 Wave Sand granite

    The most advantageous feature of Wave Sand Granite is its unique and exquisite appearance. It can enhance the appearance of the entire home or office space. Wave Sand granite flooring can be available in a huge variety of patterns and colors. Because it is a natural stone, each pattern is unique and unique. It can improve the appearance of the floor by combining different styles and colors. One of the most important advantages of Wave Sand Granite is its durability. It is the hardest natural stone known. The floor remains intact even if heavy objects fall. Generally, it is rare to retain any stains when coffee, juice, or other beverages are splashed onto it. It can also be used in high flow areas because it does not cause wear or damage.

  • Introduction to G418 SEA WAVE FLOWER Stone

    Introduction to G418 SEA WAVE FLOWER Stone

    SEA WAVE FLOWER is a type of wavy, medium to coarse grained, gray white granite produced in China. The background color is white. The flower and grass style is wavy. The fields of use include indoor and outdoor decoration, components, and countertops. The rock features wavy texture, medium to coarse grained, and gray white granite.

  • Introduction to G399 Black Granite Stone

    Introduction to G399 Black Granite Stone

    G399 granite is a high-quality building material that is very popular in the construction industry. It is a black stone made of granite stone, with very high firmness and durability.

    G399 granite is one of the most famous granite stones in the world, which can be used as various architectural and garden stones such as boards, floors, countertops, carvings, exterior wall panels, indoor wall panels, flooring, square engineering panels, environmental decoration curbstones, etc.

    G399 granite is a natural stone material that does not contain any harmful substances and will not cause any pollution to the environment. Therefore, when choosing building materials, G399 granite is a very ideal choice.

    G399 granite has uniform color, delicate texture, good texture, and very high aesthetic value. Its black color tone is very stable and will not fade or change color due to sunlight and rain, so it can maintain long-term aesthetics.

  • Introduction to G386 Shidao Red Stone

    Introduction to G386 Shidao Red Stone

    Shidao Red Granite has a uniform structure, hard texture, and is not easily weathered. Its color is beautiful, and its appearance and color can be maintained for over a century. Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, it is not only used for high-end building decoration projects and hall floors, but also the preferred material for outdoor carving.

    Shidao Red Granite stone is uniform in texture and has a delicate texture, making it an excellent stone. Its mechanical properties are uniform, and its interior is dense. Its knocking sound is clear and pleasant, with even pore distribution, small pore size, low water absorption, and excellent physical and chemical properties. It has considerable resistance to chemical erosion such as weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, reduction, and carbonation.

  • Introduction to G383 Pearl flower Stone

    Introduction to G383 Pearl flower Stone

    Pearl flower Granite exhibits uniform dispersion of white, black dots, and pink crystals. The design is uniform in color, and the stone is hard and weather resistant. The storage capacity is quite abundant and easy to extract, so its price is quite low, suitable for large-scale laying, and it is a truly high-quality and cost-effective product among stone materials.

  • Introduction to G365 Sesame White Stone

    Introduction to G365 Sesame White Stone

    Sesame White Granite exhibits fine-grained, medium grained, and coarse-grained granular structures, or porphyritic structures. Its particles are uniform and dense, with small voids (usually 0.3% to 0.7% porosity), low water absorption (usually 0.15% to 0.46% water absorption), and good frost resistance. The hardness of sesame white granite is high, with a Mohs hardness of around 6, a density between 2.63g/cm3 and 2.75g/cm3, and a compressive strength of 100-300MPa.

  • Introduction to G364 Sakura Red Stone

    Introduction to G364 Sakura Red Stone

    Sakura Red has a light and elegant color, with large flowers. After polishing, the surface of the board looks like cherry blossoms blooming, so it is called “Sakura Red”. According to its color depth, it can be divided into Sakura RedG3764 and Sakura RedG3767. It is the preferred stone for decorating warm tone living environments. It is suitable for large exterior wall drywall hanging, square ground, irregular shapes, patchwork, carving, window sills, countertops, and stepping doorstones

  • Introduction to G361 Wulian flower Stone

    Introduction to G361 Wulian flower Stone

    The Wulian flower decor is mainly black, with gray and black dots embedded in it, giving a more noble color. The color is beautiful, magnificent and outstanding, and has excellent performance of never wearing and never fading. The density of the five lotus flowers is about 2.75 tons per cubic meter, and the material is hard. After polishing, the brightness is like a mirror, which is definitely higher than that of chemically synthesized stone, ceramic products, etc.

  • Introduction to G355 CRYSTAL WHITE Stone

    Introduction to G355 CRYSTAL WHITE Stone

    CRYSTAL WHITE granite is essentially a white granite composed of granular quartz aggregates. The quartz content of CRYSTAL WHITE granite is over 90%, and its texture is relatively fine, showing a metamorphic crystal structure. CRYSTAL WHITE granite is semi transparent milky white or off white. The CRYSTAL WHITE granite we see has a glass luster, a hardness of 7 degrees, and is produced in various places, The appearance of high-quality CRYSTAL WHITE granite after polishing is similar to that of Hotan White Jade.

  • Introduction to G354 Qilu Red Stone

    Introduction to G354 Qilu Red Stone

    Qilu Red granite has compact structure, hard texture, good acid and alkali resistance and weather resistance, and can be used outdoors for a long time. The advantages of Qilu Red include high load-bearing capacity, compressive strength, and good grinding ductility, making it easy to cut and shape, and can create thin and large plates. Generally used on floors, steps, pedestals, steps, eaves, etc., and mostly used for decoration of outdoor walls, floors, columns, etc

  • Introduction to G350wl Shandong golden-wl Stone

    Introduction to G350wl Shandong golden-wl Stone

    Shandong gold-wl(G350WL) has good consolidation and rough surface particles, mainly composed of quartz, orthoclase and mica! Due to its slow crystallization process, the crystals of Shandong golden-wl are intertwined like Rubik’s Cube, making them very firm.  Shandong golden-wl has almost no pollution, and after polishing, the surface glossiness is very high. Impurities of various natural colors can hardly adhere. Shandong Golden-WL is more sturdy, has good acid resistance, water absorption, and is less prone to weathering and corrosion. Good durability, long service life, and reusable.

  • Introduction to G350W Shandong golden-W Stone

    Introduction to G350W Shandong golden-W Stone

    Shandong golden-W Granite mainly offers high-quality products with no odors, no black spots, multiple rust spots, clear rust spots, and dark yellow rust spots. High quality smooth yellow rust stones are considered as dry hanging stones for exterior walls within the boundary. The floor paving stones and landscape stones processed from burnt and lychee surfaces are popular choices for landscape designers. After polishing, the color of the rust stone table panel appears particularly beautiful, highlighting luxury and nobility, with high wear resistance, which is favored by many European and American customers. However, the disadvantages of rust stone are also quite obvious, and there may be different color differences in large-scale production. It is particularly important to pay attention to this when using rust stone for external wall dry hanging. Due to the instability of rust stone color difference, the quotation is based on the actual sample provided..

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